New 5.6m Enorossi RT9 Side Rake for moving wet Straw etc with Hydraulic Steering

Works with Heavy Wet Straw from large Combine Headers with ease
No Gearboxes, PTOs, Cam Tracks etc
2022 RETAIL = £8750 + VAT

Sold in UK and Ireland for over 10 years by AMIA
Ideal for moving Wet Straw etc.  Ajustable downward pressure on raking arms.

Great for moving wet straw onto dry ground or for putting multiple rows into 1. FAST over the ground.

Can also use to split swaths

£10,500.00 inc. VAT (£8,750.00 ex. VAT)

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Product Description

AMIA have been distributing and selling the Enorossi range of Inline Wheeled Rakes including the RT9 for a number of years into the UK and Ireland with them being very popular rakes in particular for raking straw as seen throughout the UK and Ireland.

Independent spring to adjust the pressure of the rake wheel on the ground.

Hydraulic working width adjustment.

Hydraulic Raking Wheel lifting adjustment.

It has the advantage of being able to form either a single windrow (with one pass), or two windrows next to each other (one forward and one in return)

Walkaround video of Enorossi RT9 Side Wheeled Rakes here on our YouTube Channel –

More information on our website here –

Enorossi have been exclusively imported into the UK and Ireland by AMIA for over 10 years.

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