25m Under gate – lead out insulated 1.6mm steel cable

£23.94 inc. VAT (£19.95 ex. VAT)

Product Description

The Horizont Under Gate Double Insulated Lead Out Cable is an electric fence connection and feeder cable for above-ground and underground fence feeders, for connecting ground rods and power routing at gates. All types are double insulated with a galvanised iron wire conductor and this cable comes with a dielectric strength of about 20,000 volts. To protect the underground cable, it is also useful to lay it in a protective hose or tube.

The gate in the pasture fence should always be constructed from the gate sets and an underground cable running parallel to it. So, even when the gate is open, the fence is electrified through the cable. When the gate is closed, the gate handle sets are electrified via the gate handle suspended in the gate handle insulator. The conductor material is hooked into an insulator that is not connected to the fence. This energizes the gate when it is closed. A gate handle lying on the ground can then no longer generate any discharges or interference.

  • Reel length: 25m
  • Max. supply cable length: 500m
  • Diameter: 1.6 mm
  • Resistance: 0.07 Ohm/m
  • Weight: 1.068 kg
  • Dielectric strength: 20,000 V approx.
  • All types are double insulated and have a galvanized iron wire conductor
  • To protect the underground cable, it is useful to lay them in a protective tube or pipe

Product Specification